Frequently asked questions


What is Verox?

Verox is a crypto and DeFi protocol for all financial needs in this ground-breaking ecosystem

As for now, The Verox project includes VeroxAI app and Verox DEX:

VeroxAI is an app created to give both new and professional crypto traders more insights about crypto and DeFi. This will in turn, save their time, efforts and allow them to make better decisions in the market.It is a personal advisor, product analyzer and financial content provider. Using AI and deep learning, we create a personalized match between the user and their financial needs in both crypto trading and yield farming. VeroxAI analyzes any chosen token and finds the best investments in crypto and yield farming in real time, by scanning markets and processing massive sets of data to locate the optimal trading/investment opportunities.

Verox DEX is the world’s first AI-powered decentralized cryptocurrency and derivatives exchange with next generation AMM and orderbook. VeroxAI and Verox DEX will be connected through algorithmic trading bots, to allow automated trading for our AI algorithms on the DEX

Who is the team?

Verox is built from a motivated, multi-disciplinary, and passionate team. Verox combines experts from the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, software engineering, and crypto traders. As a global company, the Verox team is located in over six countries. This includes over 20 members from app developers, strategic advisors, graphic designers, to community moderators and more.

Verox CEO (formerly Altcoinsking-Best Investments on Twitter), before changing the Twitter handle to Verox_AICrypto), is an investment expert and a professional crypto trader/investor with over 7 years experience in the space. He holds a bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Administration, with a specialization in Entrepreneurship. He also has a record yearly ROI of 700x, with over 85% success in trades. He did not tweet about his trades or investments often, but below are a few of his trading advices publicly stated on Twitter:
(you can track more by scrolling down on Verox_AICrypto Twitter)
Altcoinsking-Best Investments is a well-known figure in the crypto community. He is famous for his level of accuracy in trading recommendations on Twitter, and is followed by some of the biggest crypto influencers on Twitter such as Angelobtc, Bitcoin_dad, Loomdart, Djthislte0, Notsofast, Romano, SecretsofCrypto, 22loops, John Bollinger - the founder of Bollinger Bands, and more...

Recently, we have been followed by the one and the only Mark Cuban on our twitter account.

How can I buy Verox tokens?

You can buy Verox VRX on Uniswap, Bilaxy, Gate, Hotbit, Probit, Cointiger and Hoo exchanges.

VRX contract address on Uniswap: 0x87DE305311D5788e8da38D19bb427645b09CB4e5

Links for all the exchanges:

A step by step guide on how to buy VRX on Uniswap exchange:

When is Verox platform official release? Beta web application is now live. Both mobile versions of VeroxAI (Andriod & iOS applications) and VeroxDEX will go live on August 2021.


What are VRX token specifications?

VRX has a max supply of 50,000 tokens.

2500 Tokens were burned:

Which reduces the supply to Only 47,500 VRX tokens

VRX Contract address: 0x87DE305311D5788e8da38D19bb427645b09CB4e5

Where I can see the locked liquidity and tokens lock:

VRX has locked liquidity on Unicrypt for one year:

And staking reserve tokens are locked on Team.Finance:

Is the code audited?

Yes, The code for Verox token has been audited by Solidity Finance (

And we have audited the staking smart contract as well:

Was there an airdrop for VRX?

Yes, we had an airdrop in the first days of launch:
Contestants were giving tasks to fill such as retweeting our twitter posts, following us, etc.. to get rewarded by VRX tokens.
After filtering the addresses from bots and double used addresses, there were 48 addresses. Each one will get 1 VRX. The airdrop tokens will be sent over weeks (in 4 sessions) starting from 22 June 2021

Investing in Verox

Why VRX is one of the best investments currently in crypto?

Verox combines both top innovative tech with customized economics specifications, to maximize the possible returns for VRX investors and holders: - Verox integrates artificial intelligence to provide crypto investors and traders the best up-to-date investments in the sector by scanning markets and processing massive diverse sets of data gleaned from various sources (news articles, social media postings, financial statements, charts).

- Verox max supply is 47.5k tokens only, which makes it very rare and hard to get. Tokens with low supply usually see bigger demand and attraction.
(Yearn finance (YFI) as an example of that, gaining roughly 350x for its investors and reaching an all time high price of 43,000$ with 30k max supply).

- Verox is developing and applying market buy pressure features to increase the market demand, such as our staking dapp, to allow staking of VRX to earn high rewards.
In addition, Verox platform requires VRX tokens to enter the platform and enjoy its facilities. This way, the more users that download the app and use it, the bigger of purchases of VRX that will happen on the market. Consistent price increase will be directly reflected from that.

- Verox team are working with top experienced marketing agents to reach maximum crypto awareness.

- Verox liquidity will be locked for a year to gain maximum trust and to allow maximum confidence for VRX holders, with a focus on innovating, delivering quality product, constantactive development, transparency and more. All of these priorities are a part of our strategic plan to allow VRX investors and holders to enjoy the maximum possible returns for their VRX investment.
Read more on the "roadmap" page and follow our latest Twitter updates.


How can I contact you for business inquiries?

The best way to contact us is through a direct message to our twitter account @verox_aicrypto,
Second option is through :